Terms & Condition of Mobilization


Regarding our terms & conditions of mobilization, the terms vary according to the policy/rules & regulation of the Employer Company. Generally we supply Nepalese workers to our clients as follows:

(A) Cost 

  1. The workers bear their Air ticket Kathmandu-Destination country plus our service charges & other local expenses if the company provides us VISA.
  1. If the employer company also provides Visa & Air ticket to the workers free of cost, the candidates have to pay only for our service charges and other local expenses.
  1. Some of the employer companies provide totally Free of Cost employment offer to the workers and these companies even pay our service charges and other expenses along with free Visa & Air ticket. In this case, the candidates don’t have to pay us for anything. This is for your kind information only.

(B) Documents & Procedures 

  1. Initially, we require some formal documents from the employer company, attested by the Nepalese Embassy. These documents are required to have pre-approval from our Ministry of Labour.


  1. Demand Letter
  2. Power of Attorney
  3. Employment Contract
  4. Agency Contract paper
  5. Guarantee Letter

(If sample letter format is needed, we will provide)                                                        

  1. As soon as we receive the proper attested documents, we proceed for the Govt. pre-approval formalities.
  1. Upon getting pre-approval, we arrange for the interview/selection process of the workers. After selection, the selected candidates go through medical check-up.
  1. Once we get the candidates’ visa copies from your side, we apply in the Labour Ministry for the final approval process. And we could send the workers to Destination country within 10-15 days. We will pass you the flight details with the name list of traveling candidates at least 2-3 days before the travel date.
  1. In case any problem arises regarding our mobilized workers during the contract period, we will try our best to solve the problem.

These are the general terms we have been following. Please advise if you want any special arrangements from our side or you have any special terms/conditions besides these.  We will try our best to do as per your requirement.